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Consultancy Services

Hyland McQueen Limited is a specialist engineering consultancy providing services, mainly to the electricity and gas utility industries, in the subject fields:
- asset life cycle and process modeling
- risk management
- asset management strategy
- due diligence
- network reliability modeling
- computer modeling
- customer load behavior
- mathematical and statistical analysis

We have undertaken projects covering many different aspects of the above subject fields including:
Drafting of and/or review of asset management plans.
Due diligence for distribution company purchases (gas and electricity).
Integration of asset life cycle and risk management for generators and transformers.
Network reliability modeling.
Maintenance stragety for cost and reliability
Development of specific business cases, examples being: purchase of computer maintenance management systems (CMMS), co-incident peak demand reduction in co-generation plants and plant replacement justifications based on risk.
Estimation of asset remaining live.
Capital and maintenance project ranking
General electrical engineering


Consultancy Enquiries

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