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Distribution Transformer Demand-Duration.

A computer model of residential consumer demand and non-residential demand enables close estimation of the combined load at the feeding distribution transformer. Commercial and residential mixed load is catered for with commercial load models categorised on ANZSIC codes and time-of-use meter data being integrated into the algorithm. Outputs of the model include true (3-phase) demand duration, transformer top oil temperature and winding hot spot temperature, rate of loss of transformer insulation life, demand estimation of the transformer bushings phase currents, and average transformer losses and loss at time of system peak. Potential effects of extreme weather or load changes (e.g. air-conditioner take-up) may be studied. The method has been field proven against maximum demand recorder field measurements.
Further detail on the methodology is available in this paper. and an example report of the type generated by our demand-duration analysis is available in this example-only document.

Keywords and phrases

distribution transformer, maximum demand, demand-duration, computer simulation, process modelling, asset management, Monte Carlo.


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