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Integrating Distribution Network Design, Maintenance and Reliability

Capital and maintenance money is spent on electricity networks to provide for safe operation and meet target levels of reliability for the end use customers. However the underlying causes of outages are driven by (largely) random events. In this context, how should capital and maintenance moneys be budgeted and how should expenditure performance be measured? This is a wide ranging topic and the solutions are often network specific. Hyland McQueen are active in this area providing utility clients with advice and techniques based on a strategic framework for the integration of capital, maintenance and reliability planning. The attached paper discusses 3 recent case studies:

  1. Setting a capital and maintenance budget to deliver a guaranteed SAIDI performance
  2. Assessing tree contractor performance by normalising tree faults to environmental factors
  3. Tendering for a fixed price faults service

Keywords and phrases

distribution, network, reliability, maintenance, design, integration, process modelling, asset management.


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