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Distribution Mains Voltage Quality

Voltage regulation and voltage quality is an important aspect of the overall network quality seen by the customer. Load demand on the electricity supply causes voltage drop down the distribution network. The demand is driven by deterministic and random processes. Extreme values in the demand may result in under and/or over voltage problems for customers, current overload problems in the distributor conductors and voltage unbalance affecting 3-phase motors through the generation of negative sequence currents.
RINO is a computer implementation of a voltage quality model that enables detailed analysis of voltage delivery in a mains (400V/415V) network including the calculation of network losses and the effects of unbalance. Through this model Hyland McQueen is able to advise utilities on mains distribution issues such as voltage complaint, motor overloading and network re-design.

Keywords and Phrases

low voltage, distribution mains, voltage regulation, motors, negative sequence, network, voltage quality, Monte Carlo, modelling, computer simulation.




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