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Asset Management, Life Cycle and Risk

Asset management, in its widest form, is the core function of an Electricity Distribution Business (EDB). Hyland McQueen have extensive experience in assisting utility businesses develop and communicate their asset strategy in areas of asset life cycle, network development, network reliability and in the demonistration of prudence and efficiency.

Hyland McQueen has undertaken both the writing and/or the review of EDB asset management plans to meet both regulatory compliance and to document and communicate the business's asset strategy and measured performance.

Asset failures and their consequent costs are a routine and often unavoidable aspect of the operation of utility plant. Optimum planning requires risk of failure and its consequence to be taken into account over the life cycle of the assets to achieve the right balance of replacement capital timing, preventive maintenance costs, and the risk-weighted costs of failures. Hyland McQueen Ltd are specialists in this field and employ advanced methods for determining appropriate maintenance intervals, replacement timing and creating replacement capital forecasts


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