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Company Profile

Hyland McQueen Limited is an Australasian based engineering consultancy servicing the electricity industry. The company operates either independently or networks with other specialist companies or individuals to meet the client's needs.

Present work includes development of asset management strategies, engineering design and analysis, industrial and domestic load modelling and generation and distribution plant life cycle modelling. Our work is characterised by the innovative and robust solutions we have developed for our clients.


Core competencies include:

Strategic asset management.
Asset replacement forecasting under risk
Regulatory and Due Diligence advice Generation, transmission, and distribution engineering.
Mathematical and statistical analysis.
Network demand modelling
LV Mains distribution analysis
Industrial process modelling

The company has developed innovative methods and tools for distribution mains voltage analysis; meter and load control receiver population management; asset life cycle forecasting of generators and transformers to optimise replacement timing under failure risk; and distribution transformer demand-duration estimation using energy billing data.


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23 Sunshine Lane, PO Box 1003, Dunedin 9054, New Zealand




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