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Comparative Performance

Where businesses operate as regulated monopolies, comparative assessment is useful to both the businesses themselves and to the consumers they serve. For the businesses, comparative assessment allows management to ask the right questions about its strategy and costs. For consumers, it allows more informed assessment of the services being provided and the prices being asked.

Hyland McQueen undertake annual assessment of all the New Zealand Electricity Distribution Businesses (EDBs) using the Commerce Commission's public disclosure data. However, unlike other reports using this data, Hyland McQueen apply statistical methods to create robust performance comparisons, inclusive of error margins. The Hyland McQueen comparative reports are also produced algorithmically, enabling their production at very low cost. A bespoke commentary can be applied to the report if required to provide deeper intepretation and opinion on the business's comparative position under each measure. The comparative reports cover reliability, opex costs, technical performance (ie network losses etc.), capex (expenditure against budget and replacement capex against a benchmark model), and total cost performance.


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