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Utility Engineering Services

Hyland McQueen undertakes design, specification, contract management and commissioning supervision of capital projects for electrical utilities, particularly in the areas of medium and high voltage engineering. Examples include:

  • Design and installation specification for the replacement of electromechanical protection relays on 6.6kV indoor switchgear
  • 33/11kV transformer specifications and including installation and commissioning supervision
  • Design and specification of an 11 kV packaged substation
  • Installation supervision of a 33kV capacitor bank
  • Design of 415V to 11kV solar/battery/diesel generation facilities including protection design
  • Specification and protection design for 6MVA containerised temporary diesel generation

Hyland McQueen has experience in the general electrical engineering of generation stations and zone substations. Hyland McQueen has experience in the specification and setting of transformer and feeder protection relays. We also use DigSILENT Powerfactory software for system modelling and have experience in using openDSS and Modelica software also.


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