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Grid Integration of Renewables

Hyland McQueen undertakes modelling and assessment of the effects from adding renewable generation - mainly in the form of solar and solar-battery systems - into small medium voltage grids. This includes the impact of solar variability on diesel generation dispatch, voltage regulation effects from distributed and intermittent generation, the lowering of system fault levels and the amplification of load unbalance effects. Examples of our work include:

  • Modelling of effects from the addition of 1MW of "raw" solar into the Nauru Island grid
  • Assessment of effects from the expansion of the Pohnlangas solar farm on the island state of Pohnpei
  • Review of the grid integration and protection design of a solar + battery + diesel stand-alone system on the island of Kayangel
  • Reporting on the commissioning issues of a solar installation with fast-following diesels on the island of Kadavu
  • Design review of the integration of a 500kW solar farm into Kiribati including the control strategy for solar curtailment to manage diesel generator minimum loadings.
  • HV design and grid integration design for 5 solar + battery + diesel projects in the Solomon Islands totaling 1.85 MW of solar AC capacity
  • Hyland McQueen has specialist skill and experience in assessing the integration of renewables into small island grids. We apply our own purpose written generation dispatch models together with grid and plant modelling using the DigSILENT Powerfactory software. This includes dynamics modelling of inverter plant for which we have developed dynamics models for the Tesla Powerwall grid-forming inverter including its virtual machine emulation capability.


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